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Graton casino planning New Year’s Eve party with 4,000 guests, Sonoma County officials say
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Graton Casino planning private 4,000-person New Year's Eve party

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ROHNERT PARK, Calif. - The Graton Casino in Rohnert Park is closing its doors to the public on New Years Eve, instead hosting a private party, according to their website.
Sonoma County Officials say they are aware of the event.
"It would be our preference to not have a party with 4,000 people indoors," said Paul Gullixson, a spokesperson for Sonoma County during a press conference Wednesday.
Sonoma County Public Health officer Dr. Sundari Mase said she had been in touch with the casino, but has no jurisdiction over sovereign land.
Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt, who has been skeptical about closing things like outdoor dining, was more forceful in his rebuttal, saying the science is clear about large indoor gatherings.
In a statement, the tribal chairman Greg Sarris told ABC7:"The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria continue to work closely with the Sonoma County Public Health Officer. Graton Resort & Casino will remain open on a limited basis and continues to exceed all CDC safety requirements. In addition to those safety measures already in place, team members are tested for COVID-19 every two weeks and wear digital devices that ensure social distancing. Bars will continue to remain closed, and walk up alcohol service will end nightly at 9:00 pm."
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This beauty was hit next to me last night- over 33k - next time me please... Graton Casino

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Graton casino CA

I see that graton casino in Northern California is open but I can’t find anything on whether their games are 5 handed 6 handed or full ring. Does anybody know?
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Kaiser managers in Santa Rosa have made derogatory remarks against indigenous people, especially around this Graton Casino.

What can be done about this? Can one file a claim? This behavior is completely unprofessional, inappropriate and I'm sure goes against some discrimination policy. It it disturbing that someone in a position of power in the medical field has not only held these beliefs, but also voiced them to other staff who work directly with patients. I hope there is a zero tolerance policy and that this individual can receive more buck than just your average annual "diversity" training.
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Graton Casino in Santa Rosa Ca closing tomorrow

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Handcuffed man jumps to his death from Graton casino garage

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Bay Area Poker—Graton Casino

Has anyone here played the 1/3 nlhe game at Graton in Rohnert Park? Website says $500 or table big stack max. Was originally planning on buying in for $300, but was hoping someone here might be able to tell me how big the games usually play and whether I should buy in for more. Thanks!
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[Bay Area, CA] Graton Casino - how's the poker room, has anyone logged a session here yet?

Does anyone have any TRs from Graton yet? It is within a reasonable traveling distance but ice yet to hear any feedback from poker players.
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Graton Casino?

Hey, have any of you lovely redditors been to that new Graton casino in the area? I'm going Saturday with a friend. I'm very familiar with Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun on the east coast - is Graton similar? Are there food options there I absolutely should go to (for example, I always rave about and tell people to go to the Bobby Flay's at Mohegan)? I'm not looking for basic info on res casinos, I'm just looking for any tips or info any of you have picked up or seen at this particular casino.
Also, what do chicks generally wear there? Whenever I went to Mohegan I'd just roll with dark jeans and a nice V-neck - is Graton more clubby or more formal than that? Or can I just get away with the usual 'not looking for a dude just hangin with some friends' casual look?
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Graton Casino knows what's up

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Graton Casino to open $175M hotel in November

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Anyone go to Graton casino yet? First impressions?

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If I hear that goddamn Graton Casino/Macklemore ad one more time I'm going to put my foot through the TV

Can we go back, this is the moment Tonight is the night, we’ll fight 'til it’s over
Oh, it's over. So over.
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Graton casino

What do you guys think? For? Against? Indifferent?
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Casino recommendations around San Francisco

Hey all. I'm visiting Napa valley area north of San Francisco and looking for a casino with favorable conditions for counting.
I stopped by Graton casino yesterday but their only 3:2 games were a $25 min 8 deck game and a $50 min double deck game in the high limit room.
I would prefer a 3:2 double deck game with at most $25 minimum.
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Worst local commercials!

I'll start. Graton casino. I hate them so, so hard. Next would be Wheels & Deals.
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Hey there indian country! I need some advice on how to handle a Kaiser Permanente manager in Santa Rosa, CA who has made derogatory remarks about indigenous people.

I've been following for some months, but have never posted to say hello. I apologize to come forward with the "taking" way. I appreciate the presence of the subreddit and care a great deal about indigenous people. Here's the deal. My mom has been a Kaiser employee for 30 years and has told me some really upsetting stories. A manager, who has also written up my mom for taking too long when providing care to elderly patients, has made derogatory remarks regarding indigenous people, specifically centered around the graton casino in Rohnert Park with the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo Indians. This person made these comments as a person of power in the medical field to their team of staff who work directly with patients. I don't need to explain to anyone here why this is disturbing. This was a couple months back. The solution seems simple, report her. It's complicated for my mom. Basically she's been an employee for 30 years and is 60 years old. They've been targeting her for years trying to find reasons to write her up and fire her because she has accrued a lot of family leave, sick leave, a good pension and challenges with technological changes, new systems come slow to her. This is common, Kaiser management tries to go after older employees because they cost Kaiser money from all their built up seniority. Anyway, my mom was the only one in the meeting, when these remarks were said, who was upset. My mom and I are mixed indigenous, but the manager didn't know that. My mom was afraid if she reported it, the manager would know it was her, that the manager would get nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and then double down on how hard she is on my mom. Well, now they're trying to fire my mom over petty stuff and I want my mom to report that manager. I want to help her write a statement and directly quote or reference ways in which this person has gone against obvious discrimination policies. If anyone has any perspective or advice, I'd appreciate anything you'd want to share. Thank you much. The Cowichan Coast Salish people speak Hulquminum and say huy ch qu' (sounds like hi shh ka). It's one of the few words of my grandfather's people that I do know, but thank you is some of my most used phrases. Much love.
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Gratin Casino

I’m not much of a gambler but was thinking of taking the wife and friends up to Graton Casino. Is it worth the trip? Do they have a good buffet? Or is it sleezy and gross?
Edit: Graton Casino.
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Favorite places to get tacos in Santa Rosa and Sonoma?

Where are your favorite places to get tacos in Sonoma? Taqueria, taco truck, market – I'm open to any and all suggestions, and will compile them into a handy list below.
Edit: Thank you all for the suggestions! I can't wait to try them all out.
El Favorito Location: 565 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 Hours: 9am-12am
La Fondita in Graton Casino Hours: Open 24 hours, closed 2-6am Sat Location: 288 Golf Course Drive West, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
El Patio Location: 901 4th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun
El Capitan Location: 544 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: 9am-9pm
Delicias Elenitas Location: Sebastopol Rd & West Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95407 Hours: 9am-1am
Chelino's Location: 1079 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Hours: 8am-9pm
Taqueria Santa Rosa Location: 1950 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: 10am-10pm
Los Arcos Location: 1791 Marlow Rd Ste 6, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: 9am-9pm
El Farolito Location:
Hours: 10am-9:30pm
El Molino Central Location: 11 Central Ave, Sonoma, CA 95476 Hours: 9am-8pm
Taqueria Las Palmas Location: 415 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Hours: 11am-9pm
La Texanita Location: 1667 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 Hours: 9am-9pm
Taqueria Molcajetes Location: 1195 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 7am-10pm
Tortilleria Jalisco Location: 897 W Napa St, Santa Rosa, CA 95476 Hours: 10am-10pm
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Major issues starting to happen

So I have the att note 3(n9005?) android 4.3. And I'm starting to have major issues starting to happen.
-Auto screen rotation will rotate to landscape but not back to portrait unless I lock and unlock the device.
-The face detection when you put the phone against your face to talk and the screen auto locks is no longer working.
-Sometimes if I leave my wifi on all day and come home I'll have to restart the whole phone to connect to my home network( this seems to be tied to a casino only though? If you live in the bay area it's Graton Casino) Haven't had a issue other wise it seems.
Everything else seems to work great. I do use my phone outside quite a bit around water but never have had the phone wet or anything besides a few drops on the screen.
Anyone else experience this?
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Graton Resort And Casino Planned to Hold 4,000-Guest New Year’s Eve Party Amid New Stay-at-Home Order

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EZ Baccarat action: Graton Casino Graton Casino - YouTube Low Betting Slot Wins at Graton Casino Gratin Casino Commercial-2 - YouTube Graton Casino: Being a Slotty Murse in Sonoma County - YouTube Graton Resort & Casino - Destination: All In! - YouTube Gratin casino - YouTube OMG! ALL 15 GOLD BUFFALOES JACKPOT HAND PAY 💰@ Graton ... Graton Casino Room

Spielen Sie gratis Slots und weitere Casino-Spiele. Kein Download. Keine Registrierung notwendig. Risikoloses Spielen im Demo-Modus. Lately the machine's aren't being cleaned like they should be due to the virus and the help with the staff isn't great either anymore. What I've seen is a bunch of cups, napkins and cigarette ashes around the slot machine's and I'm definitely loosing money their with no winnings at all when I leave Graton Casino. Graton casino used to be really great but these days I wouldn't recommend them to ... Spielautomaten kostenlos spielen ohne Anmeldung ist auf unserer Seite jederzeit möglich. Mit nur einem Klick direkt ins Spielvergnügen einsteigen, ohne Anmeldung, ohne Datenangabe, ohne Verpflichtungen – das klingt fast schon zu gut, um wahr zu sein. Graton Resort and Casino in Rohnert Park had plans for a massive New Year's Eve party with up to 4,000 guests. It raised red flags for Sonoma County health officials. The event has since been ... Our Graton Rewards program is free to join and gets you exclusive access to free play offers, casino promotions, discounts, special events, and more! MY REWARDS . The Best Place To Play in the Bay . Get your game on at our high-energy casino floor, which features 3,000 state-of-the-art slots, over 100 table games, a live poker room, and VIP gaming salons. Get your game on . Contact us. We look ... Graton Rewards; Slots; Live Poker Room; High Limit Gaming; Table Games; Winners; VIP Hosting Team; Promotions; Dining & Entertainment. Restaurants; Marketplace; Entertainment; Resort. Hotel; Meetings & Events; Spa; Pool; About . Contact; Transportation; Careers; FAQ; Blog; Book a room; Win / Loss. Win/Loss Statement retrieval through this page is currently inactive. Please click here to visit ... Das Graton Casino wollte groß Silvester feiern (Bild: Graton Resort & Casino) Nach Auskunft der kalifornischen Nachrichtenseite Press-Democrat [Seite auf Englisch] sei die Party von den Managern ... Graton Resort Casino north of San Francisco has called off its planned New Year's Eve event that expected a crowd of some 4,000 people. ist Dein Gratis-Casino aus der TV-Werbung, wo über 100 Casino Spiele zur Auswahl stehen und von Dir entdeckt werden wollen. Zusammen mit Deinen Freunden oder anderen Spielern, die Jackpot von TV-Spots auf ProSieben, SatEins, KabelEins, Pro7Maxx, SatEinsGold oder Sixx kennen, kannst Du nach Herzenslust Dein Glück probieren und versuchen den Jackpot im Online-Casino zu knacken.

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EZ Baccarat action: Graton Casino

$10,000+ 💰 HAND PAY JACKPOT BUFFALO GOLD MASSIVE WIN @ Graton Casino NorCal Slot Guy - Duration: 14:49. NorCal Slot Guy 910,048 views. 14:49 ... Resort & Casino - Destination: All In! Our newly expanded resort includes 200 hotel rooms and suites, a luxurious spa, out... The Casino Examiner witnesses a EZ Baccarat Panda 8 side bet win (25-1 payout) at Graton Casino Resort in Rohnert Park, just a 45 minute drive north of San Francisco, California. Thanks for saving me last night, room view Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Graton Resort & Casino Lunar new year # Lion Dance Me - Duration: 3:38. GAME OF DRONES 1,314 views. 3:38. Westgate Resort, Orlando, FL - Duration: 3:08. Florida Sunshine Recommended for you. 3:08 ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... The NorCal Slot Guy Show Season 2 Episode 19 Buffalo Gold 1c machine at 360 credits at Graton Casino in Rohnert Park, California. Enjoy the video!!! ️👊Be ... Located among the rolling hills of Northern California's wine country, Graton Resort & Casino is the complete entertainment experience. www.gratonresortcasin... Graton Casino: Being a Slotty Murse in Santa Rosa