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Exciting Things To Do On Your Goa Tour

Goa is best known for its ravishing beaches and is located in western India. It is one destination in India which is very popular amongst the youth. A Goa tour packagecan be planned for a family holiday, honeymoon, and vacation with friends etc. Anyone and everyone would love to visit Goa for the scenic beauty of the beaches, the exotic seafood, the bright colored shacks, and the amazing nightlife.Here we have mentioned some of the best experiences you must enjoy on your trip to Goa.
Visit the Dudhsagar Falls
The Dudhsagar Falls are very popular milky waterfalls located near Sonaulim, Goa between the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. These falls got its name from the milky white water that flows through the waterfall. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. These falls are mostly visited by tourists in the monsoon season.
Visit the Spice Plantation
Goa tourism boasts the best and famous spice plantations named the Sahakar spice farm and Savoi plantations. You can take a walking tour around the aromatic plantations enjoying the natural beauty. It is situated in the Ponda region in Goa. You can also buy some spices as souvenirs of your trip.
Go on a Romantic Sunset Cruise
The (GTDC) Goan Tourism Development Corporation runs a different river cruise on the Mandovi River. The cruises are operated during the daytime, sunset, and moonlight.
Visit Flea Markets
Various weekly flea markets are happening around at different locations in Goa. Some of the best weekly flea markets happen at Mapusa, Anjuna, Calangute, and many more places. Here you can do some real good street shopping at affordable prices and can also enjoy the local street food.
Take a Dolphin Tour
Not many people know about the Dolphin Watching Tour which is a fun activity to experience at some of the beautiful places in Goa. The tour can be done at Sinquerim, Fort Aguada, or Panaji. It is a treat to the eyes of someone who loves Dolphins.
Catamaran Sailings
You can book a catamaran for sailing in Goa which is available on rent from morning to evening time. It is advisable for a group of family members or friends who want to enjoy a day at the sea. This activity is not favorable in the monsoon season. On a summer day, one can enjoy a day sailing in the waters, chilling in the catamaran.
Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride
There is a place named Chandor in South Goa, where you can experience the Hot Air Balloon Ride. The ride is usually for one hour and accompanied by the pilot inside the basket. The basket can carry up to 10 passengers at a time. Private tours also can be done upon pre-booking requests.
Water Sports activities on the Beach
Goa tours offer many water sport activities at various beaches. Some of the famous water sports are Water Scooter Ride, Parasailing, Banana Ride, and many more. You can try all the activities at an affordable price.
Climb up to the Chapora Fort
The Chapora Fort got famous after the blockbuster movie "Dil Chahta Hai" was shot there. The famous scene at the fort from this movie has increased the number of tourist visits here. There is a car parking in the entrance of the gate and then everyone has to climb up to the fort on their own. The view from the top of the Fort is mesmerizing overlooking the beautiful sea.
Watch the Sunset from Thalassa Restaurant
Thalassa Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Goa to experience the sunset. It is an open restaurant with a view of the beach and the sunset. The tourists usually book their reservations before for sunset just to enjoy their food and drinks while watching the sunset. Certain performances are happening at the restaurant on weekends to entertain the guests.
Enjoy a foot massage on the beach
The perfect time at the beach is always relaxing under the sun, looking at the sea, and having a good foot massage. There are several options available for a foot massage at many beaches in Goa. They charge a nominal price for the foot massage. Don't miss your chance of enjoying a foot massage on your Goa holiday tour package.
Play Casino at Deltin
If you enjoy casinos, you have to visit the Deltin cruise which has a casino club. The cruise has dine-in facilities on board. One can enjoy their night being lucky at the casino winning the jackpot.
Nightlife in Goa
Goa is known for its nightlife. Many tourists from India and foreign tourists from all over the world visit Goa for nightlife and parties. There are a lot of pubs, discos, shacks on the beach where people can go for parties and enjoy their night. Some of the famous places are Curlies at Anjuna Beach, Thalassa at Vagator Beach, St. Anthony's at Baga Beach and the list goes on which is endless.
There are a lot many things that can be done on Goa tour. It is an experience in itself. So make your checklist before you plan your trip to Goa.
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My Memorable Trip to Goa and My Goa Travel Guide

In the city full of chaos, I was thinking to take a break from work for long enough. So, one day out of the blue, me & my 5 other friends decided to plan a trip to Goa. Goa is a premier holiday destination for travelers to explore and as we haven’t been to Goa before and heard a lot good about Goa like its exotic beaches, resorts for leisurely accommodations, clubs for dazzling nightlife, aesthetically beautiful incredible forts and churches, romantic views, fabulous weather, amazing ambiance and especially my so favorite Goan food restaurants. What else you want for a vacation! There are lots of things to do in Goa. For romantic couples to fun freak people, Goa has something for everyone whether a person is looking for a honeymoon, solo trip, a family vacation, or trip with a group of friends.
The first and the foremost thing I wanted to do is to book Mumbai to Goa cruise. So, I checked it out and found two cruises that were available, Jalesh Cruise and Angriya Cruise. I chose Angriya Cruise as it was perfectly matching my budget and it is more of a passenger ship.
Angriya Cruise
Talking about Jalesh Cruise, it was a bit expensive for me but it offers more private sea views, better ride quality, better cleanliness and hygiene as compared to Angriya Cruise. Jalesh Cruise have international staff as it is a Mauritius based company while Angriya Cruise is Indian based. Both the cruises are good at their own places compared to the price and suitability.
Jalesh Cruise
Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, especially holidays in Goa with friends or family, what’s most important is your stay. There are plenty of excellent accommodation options like Airbnb Goa including AirBnB Goa Villas, as well as beach resorts closest to famous restaurants and bars you can go to within North Goa.
Airbnb Goa
One of my favorites is Grand Hyatt Goa where I stayed. Other options we took into consideration are Cidade De Goa, Holiday Inn Goa and Taj Exotica Goa which we’ll definitely try the next time we visit. The hotel property was so beautiful and huge. These are amongst the best hotels and resorts in Goa with world-class hospitality and services, bay view rooms with club access, closest to the sea, best pool areas, best casino and spa, suitable for kids, and most importantly the prices will not dent your pocket.
Grand Hyatt Goa

Cidade De Goa
A small state on the western coast of India, Goa is an amazing and magical city, best known for its scenic beaches or a paradise for beach lovers in India ranging from popular Baga Beach, Palolem Beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangue beach, Candolim Beach, Vagator Beach and more. These are some wide sandy & breezy palms and beautiful beaches in the world, popular among the tourists. With plenty of adventurous activities and water sports like water-skiing, parasailing, bump rides, jet-skiing, catamaran sailing, banana rides and windsurfing, these beaches are full of energy and life. You’ll enjoy every bit of it. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes on the beachside where you can have a variety of delicious food options while having the aesthetic and spectacular views of the sea & sunset, looking at the waves crashing on the shore. These beach shacks are all lit up in sparkling lights at night giving you the best nightlife experience.
Thalassa Goa

Martins Corner Goa
Now coming to the food which has always been my first priority while I’m traveling. I personally am a goan and seafood lover but some of my friends were vegetarian. So, we took both points into consideration and found the best suited and famous food options in Goa. They were Thalassa Goa, Curlies Goa, Martins Corner Goa, and Barbeque Nation Goa. So, we chose Thalassa Goa for the food as they are famous for their Greek, Mediterranean & Seafood cuisine and its picturesque seaside & sunset views, with five-star ratings. The most important thing I read about Thalassa is that it remains crowded so make a reservation before visiting. We pre-booked our sea-side table a night before. We went the other day and we so loved the restaurant. They have outdoor seating, beachside bar, live music, lip-smacking food, it was surely worth every penny. One must try their Prawns Pastitsada, Souvlaki, and Goan fish curry. It was so yummy that I could have that daily.
Curlies Goa
The next day we thought of trying another restaurant, then we decided to go to Curlies because we were told that if you haven’t been to Curlies Goa, your trip to Goa is incomplete. Curlies is a small beach shack located on Anjuna beach. It is definitely the perfect place for a foodie and party lovers, famous for Continental, Italian, Israeli, Indian & Goan cuisine. One of Curlies' specialties is Kings Crab. We wanted to try that so we ordered King Crab, Pizza, Beef Steak, and trust me, it’s so delicious that I have that taste still in my mouth. After enjoying the sunset, we danced to loud electronic music. Curlies have a private dancefloor that was super crowded and it’s the most fun thing I have ever seen. From the coolest pub to the shack, you’ll experience everything at Curlies. A night full of trance music, neon lights, delectable food, and amazing drinks. I only had heard about the nightlife in Goa, and now that I’ve experienced every bit of it. If I had the option, I could have just stayed there for ages. One must have rightly said that the trip to Goa is incomplete without being at Curlies. I really want to try Martin’s Corner the next time I visit Goa.
This was one of our memorable trips. The hustle at night that you’ll find in Goa will exceed your expectations. Cherish the legendary nightlife or some calm moments or might just lay on the beach watching life and people pass by. If you are a party animal and love grooving to your favorite beats while enjoying exotic drinks, then Goa is the perfect place for you. For more information, visit goa travel guide.
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Travel Guide Goa – Best Beaches To Visit In Goa

Goa is synonymous with a life free from worries and anything routine. Be it the extravagant parties, bustling flea markets, casinos, or beach shacks – Goa is a vibrant city that must be on your bucket list. All you need to do is take a car for rent in Goa and prepare a list of places you would want to explore in Goa. Here is a list of the best beaches to visit in Goa
Places To Visit In Goa
Morjim Beach
The moment you step on the Morjim Beach, its calm ambiance is instantly going to sooth all your travel fatigue. The beach is ideal to take a peaceful stroll, soak in the sun, bird watching, and just enjoying the beach water.
How to reach Morjim Beach – Book a car rental in Goa
Querim Beach
If you wish to skip the party scene in Goa, you can choose to visit the beautiful Querim Beach in North Goa, to enjoy a quiet sunset. The beach is also popular as the Keri Beach. With the minimal crowd and splendid view of the ocean, this waterfront is amongst the hot favorite with the beach bums headed for Goa.
How to reach Querim Beach – Opt for car hire in Goa
Arambol Beach
With a handful of shacks, the Arambol beach is the most suitable for spending time by yourself. Here you can try the scrumptious seafood and a mix of cuisines served at the shacks or enjoy a game of volleyball. One of the best beaches for a sunny day out.
How to reach Arambol Beach – Try cab booking in Goa
Baga Beach
One of the most famous beaches in Goa, Baga is a must-visit for everyone looking for some action. It is a paradise for the shopaholics, who like to grab bargain deals anywhere, anytime. This waterfront is a popular party hub, and people can be spotted flocking here late at night to enjoy happening music and amazing food. You can also indulge in watersports here.
How to reach Baga Beach – Hire taxi services in Goa
Vagator Beach
Cliffs close to the shore of the Vagator beach offers a mesmerizing view during the sunset. Pun intended! The beach is lined with many budget shacks, quaint cafes, and hotels. Vagator Beach is ideal to enjoy a dip in the ocean water or playing a game of volleyball.
How to reach Vagator Beach – Book self drive car rental in Goa
Anjuna Beach
Party buffs must not miss a visit to the popular Anjuna Beach when in Goa because the fun begins here. The beach is lined-up with a number of happening beach clubs and shacks. This popular Goan beach is much loved by hippies, people who like to soak in the sun, and anyone keen on indulging in water sports.
How to reach Anjuna Beach – Try cab booking in Goa
Palolem Beach
Loved for its popularity as a quaint waterfront in Goa, the Palolem Beach is great for anyone eager to staying away from the party crowd of north Goa. It is best suited for mingling with crowds and spending a moderately happening time by the beach.
How to reach Palolem Beach – Book car rental in Goa
Candolim Beach
One place you cannot skip from your itinerary when in Goa is Candolim Beach. From water sports to foot massages, enjoying mouth-watering delicacies at the shacks nearby to just lazing around, Candolim Beach is perfect for a fun time in Goa, particularly during the day.
How to reach Candolim Beach – Hire taxi services in Goa
Sinquerim Beach
Beauty at its best is the ideal statement to describe the Sinquerim Beach. Dotted with coconut palms, the Sinquerim Beach is a photographer’s delight. A visit to this waterfront is a must during you’re your trip in Goa.
How to reach Sinquerim Beach – Book self drive car rental in Goa
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Offbeat Things To Do In Goa For A Memorable Goa Trip

Clear skies, soft sand beaches, crystal azure waters, and flawless surroundings make Goa the perfect holiday destination. But it is not just the beauty of the beaches that makes Goa an ideal getaway. There are various adventure activities, water activities, nature based activities, and Goa sightseeing tours that one can opt to.

Visit Goa beaches

The beaches of Goa are the major attractions of Goa that draws the attraction of tourists. Goa Beaches offers a calm atmosphere to relax along with a picturesque view, where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. Most of the beaches are located in the North Goa, from which Baga Beach is one of the most popular and active. The beaches of Goa include Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, Colva Beach and so on. To visit all those charming beaches of North Goa, you also opt for the North Goa Tour Package which covers almost all the beaches of Goa. Adventure activities like Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Parasailing, and so on are done in these beaches.

Scuba Diving

Goa is popular for the wide range of adventure water activities. People coming to this exquisite land loves to experience thrilling adventure activities like Scuba Diving. This activity fills the tourists with energy and joy during their Goa holidays and makes it memorable for a lifetime. One must not miss out the Scuba Diving in Goa. Goa offers wonderful marine life with best quality corals, multi-colored fish and ancient-old shipwrecks

Goa Churches and Forts

Goa is a hub to an array of forts, churches, convents, museums, art galleries, and much more which together makes Goa, a perfect holiday destination. Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se de Santa Catarina are the most popular forts in Goa. Old Goa is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so one must visit all these ancient places in Goa.

Adventure Boat trip

Goa is also popular for adventure hub. After visiting charming beaches, you can also explore the Adventure Boat trip. There are a number of opportunities for adventure lovers. You will get to do Dolphin Safari, Kayaking, Fishing, Swimming, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Snorkeling, Speed Boat Ride combined with Adventure Boat trip. One can also enjoy the scenic view of the endless sea through Adventure boat trip and indulge in all of the thrilling and exciting activities included in it.


Goa is popular for its crazy nightlife and casinos. Those who love to take risks in their life, and then they must surely try their luck in casinos of Goa. These casinos make Goa a popular and perfect holiday destination. You will get numerous casinos in Goa to go for and you can explore these casinos in Goa any time. These casinos offer fabulous things like food, drinks and beautiful views of the boundless sea.

Do shopping

Anjuna Beach plays a major role of a host to the local market called Wednesday Flea Market. Visited by numerous tourists every Wednesday, you can find almost anything here at the cheapest rate. So do some street shopping at Wednesday flea market in Goa. Get some handcrafted gifts, garments, handicrafts, or any other goods for your family and friends. Also don’t forget to miss out on the goan cuisines here.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

The Dudhsagar Waterfall is a waterfall located right on the border of Goa and Karnataka. The majestic view of Dudhsagar Waterfall is so fantastic, as you see the water falling down. The entire view is usually seen as milk falling from paradise. This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery that offers an additional gorgeous claim to the waterfall. So if you are planning for a Goa trip. Then, the Dudhsagar waterfall is a must to visit.
So if you are planning to visit Goa, thislist of things to do in Goa will help you out to get you a Goa trip memorable.
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Quick Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Goa

Goa, the land stuffed with stunning beaches with soft golden sand is an ideal destination for honeymoon where married couples choose as their favorite location in Goa to celebrate their new beginning of their life throughout the year. The charming blue beaches, palm and coconut trees along with the Goan beach shacks on golden sand makes it a romantic place for honeymoon in Goa. Here is a small travel guide of the best places to visit and also popular things to do in Goa that you can add in your Goa tour package.

Best Places To Visit In Goa Honeymoon

Honeymooning couples are often looking for the best place that will make their honeymoon in Goa memorable. Well, this stunning attraction for honeymooners should be bundled with romance, beauty, & thrill as well impart in each and every corner of this tiniest state. There are several beaches, markets, casinos, churches, forts, and waterfalls also that gives the party capital a holistic charm. So check out the best places to visit on your honeymoon in Goa, before you finalise your journey for your honeymoon in Goa.

Best Honeymoon Places One Can Visit In North Goa

You will find a majority of tourist attractions like popular beaches, forts, markets, churches, and much more in North Goa. Not just for the day thrills, you will find numerous nightclubs which includes Titos & Mambos and other popular beaches that organizes the rave parties that the honeymooners can opt to.

Best Honeymoon Places In South Goa

Goa is not just about the Baga, Fort Aguada, and Tito’s. The party capital also has an other side, somewhere down in the south. While North Goa is the maine part of Goa tourism, South Goa is where honeymooning couples can hope to find peace and serene for a romantic vacation in this tiny state of India.
Having revealed about the beaches in Goa already, let us have a look at the best of the popular places to visit in South Goa newly wed couples can hop to:

Romantic Things To Do In Goa

There’s a damn lot more things to do in Goa than just stunning beaches with spectacular sunsets, crazy party scenes, and ancient-old churches. There is a countless romantic things to do that Goa offers for honeymooning couples. With its large number of beaches and islands, it offers bountiful of water activities. It includes adventurous, delightful, and even romantic activities.
Parasailing: It is one of the popular as well as most preferred watersports in Goa for the honeymooning couples. Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Colva, Candolim, and Vagator are all provide facilities for this adventure watersports.
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Top Five Places You Need To Visit During Goa Trip

Goa might be the tiniest state of India. But, this does not mean that there is a shortage of attractions. Thousands of tourists visit this stunning place every year from all across the globe. Goa is recognized as the place where you can explore several things that are not usually available in other places of India. The endless list of stunning places includes luxurious casino, crazy nightlife and much more. You can get the discover the Rio de Janerio during festivals, especially at the time of Christmas. This places is not just about parties, beaches and alcohol; there is a lot more than it. If you are planning to visit Goa, you would always want to visit it again and again. So, here are the top five places you need to visit during your Goa trip.

Goa Beaches

The first word we recall after we say beach in Goa. If you want to enjoy some quality time on the soft sandy beaches, you need to opt for the South Goa beaches. And if you want to get to some beach where you can find all kinds of activities full of thrill and fun, opt for the North Goa beaches. The top beaches to visit in Goa are Utorda Beach, Arossim Beach, Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach and Calangute Beach. You will get all kinds of water activities here such as scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat ride and much more. If you want to witness the magnificent underwater world, you need to opt for scuba diving. Do not forget to savor a scrumptious meal in any beach shack in the beaches after sunset.

Spice Plantation

Do you know that the hottest pepper of the whole world comes from? It is called Peri Peri and found here in Goa. The Spice Plantation in Goa is the largest in the whole region which offer tourists to take a walk through the farm, taste some spicy Peri Peri and savor the exotic aroma that fills the range there. Also get an Elephant ride and don’t miss an elephant shower. Have an elephant ride or watch elephants being washed and fed in the Elephant Shower. You can also have a scrumptious lunch in this farm which is cooked with the aromatic spices from there. As it is not as interesting as the exciting beaches, tourists do not usually visit these fields. But, if you are a nature admirer, you need to visit this farm. Savor Cashew Feni, a local drink manufactured with raw cashew nut. You can also get horn bills and other colorful birds during other seasons.
Basilica of Bom Jesus
There are a lot of architectural miracles in this land. The Old Goa is also known as the Rome of East. The churches, chapels, museums, galleries and convents that you get in this place are many ancient- old. And above all is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is a UNESCO heritage site. If you love to explore the age-old architecture and old structures, you need to visit these old churches and museums in Goa. There are a lot of age-old bungalows that are open to Goan tourists. You can also visit these and learn about the history of Goa.
Wildlife Sanctuaries
It is ought to visit a wildlife sanctuary to discover the wildlife in Goa. But, if you want to savor a lot of unique animal and bird view, you can explore Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also explore Mollem National Park as well. You will get to witness a lot of unique animals which includes mouse deer, barking deer, sloth bear, panther and many others. You can also get a numerous birds in this sanctuary like fairy bluebird, kingfisher, the great black woodpecker, paradise flycatcher and many others. These wildlife sanctuaries are located in the Western Ghats and thus, you can depict the serene beauty of nature and climate you can savor there.

Dolphin Safari

Whether you are visiting Goa with your kids or friends; Dolphin safari is something that you should never miss. This safari has its own elegant features and you can witness dolphins diving and swimming towards you in a playful way. If you are lucky enough, you can also hear their sounds too. The safari usually ends in the Grande Island. You can take your family for a picnic, enjoy the beach and have some relishing time in Grande Island. Dolphin safari trips is very unique. There are also several private boat trips that would take you near the haven of dolphins for you to swim nearby but not with them. You can always witness them from very close. Make sure you go for dolphin safari early in the morning.
Besides these, you can also enjoy the ancient archaeological museum, naval aviation museum, weekly flea market, popular temples, Cansaulim Monte, Dona Paula and much more. This place offers many things all throughout the year and no matter how many times you explore this place, it will always be dazzling and new for you. So make sure you add these places in your Goa tour package.
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Top 5 Amazing Things To Do At Night In Your Goa Trip

Top 5 Amazing Things To Do At Night In Your Goa Trip

Things To Do At Night In Goa
When we think about the exciting nightlife the first place that crosses our mind in Goa. With some of the best beaches in Goa for nightlife, this destination in India is attracting a lot of tourists from India as well as from abroad. Boarding some of the most refreshing nightlife this popular destination is getting a vibe among the tourists. So here are the top 5 amazing things to do at night in your Goa Trip.


When in Goa, start gambling! Try your luck at Casinos in Goa, if not for the winning, then for the pleasant memories at Deltin casinos. Casinos, one of the most popular things to do in Goa to enjoy the nightlife is seeking for your sea-feet and bouncing aboard one of its casino cruises. Opt to the luxuriously appointed Deltin with a deluxe fine-dining restaurant. Try your luck at the live gaming that comes with VIP suits for the high rollers, 5 gaming rooms that offer various casino games from Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Bingo and much more.


Partying in Goa is the best thing to enjoy the nightlife at its best while you are in your Goa holidays. Head to Silent Noise party, a trendsetting Saturday night party where you can dance wearing headphones, at Palolem Beach. Or try Curlies in Anjuna for some loud music and dance the night away. Go to the unlikely Mambos in North Goa. Or try a party cruise for a fresh and new experience, and if nothing works for you, spin on the beach with music in your head.


You are never too far from the beaches when you are in Goa, and each and every Goa beach is stunning. Talpona Beach, Patnem Beach and Agonda Beach in South Goa are beautiful stretches of sand for a night walk or a little midnight excursion. Spend the glorious night on Butterfly Beach in the company of your buddies or family with a campfire and your favorite drinks, or have a warm party with your buddies on Velsao Beach which is close to the Majorda Beach. Be a responsible tourist that means do not litter.


Shopping at the flea markets of Goa are some of the best things to do in Goa at night. These markets hawk everything from antique jewelry pieces to colorful clothes, Kashmiri carpets, spices, and delicious Goan food. Visit the draping Arpora Market on Saturday nights for its energetic buzz, the numerous bars and eating corners that sprinkles the stalls and the bracing live performances that range from classical Indian music to rock. Enjoy another night to fuse in with the Goan crowds at Mackie’s Saturday Night Market at Baga beach, which has smaller crowds, lots of stalls and many food corners.

Party Cruises

With the vast stretch of the sea and numerous easygoing rivers at hand, partying in cruise is one of the best things to do in Goa at night. Jump aboard a leisure Yacht as you sail down the Mandovi River, or get a sea cruise with live DJ music, dancing, and scrumptious food for a memorable night in Goa.
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Top Seven Tourist Attractions in Goa

Goa is a great continent of sun, sand, and surf. It is brimmed up with great chances to have fun and thrill. Having a great coastline, it is popular for its exciting beaches and being the great hotspot for party admirers, it is a destination where you can just let go of all the pressure and bothering hustle-bustle life! It is also memorable as it is an ideal place for ones who want to sit back and unfurl themselves cause there are some exciting beaches which are popular for leisure opportunities like sunbathing, cruising, and much more. With the continent offering you so much, we bring to you the list of top seven attractions of Goa which you must add to your Goa tour package.


As mentioned that Goa is blessed with a long coastline, it has many beaches which make it a hotspot for beach enthusiasts and every beach is distinct from the other in the sense that some are for the purpose of relaxation, some are for the purpose of ‘merry making’, some being pristine and scenic are for nature lovers, some are for food lovers and so on. So it's up to you to decide which ones would you like to visit while on your Goa tour. Most famous amongst all are Baga Beach, Arambol Beach, Miramar Beach, and Palolem Beach.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus, placed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites is situated in Old Goa. This ancient-old church cherishes the mortal remains of one of the greatest Christian missionaries called St. Francis Xavier. Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the oldest churches in India which attracts a huge number of tourists due to its religious significance.


Party lovers or Gamblers, here is something exciting for you. Goa has many happening casinos and you can try your luck at one of these. There are land casinos but offshore casinos steal the show. Come evening, offshore casinos look awesome floating on the waters and this is the perfect way you can enjoy a cruise in the breathtaking atmosphere.

Anjuna Flea Market

Shopaholics would fall head over heels for Anjuna flea market as it is an open-air market takes place in the street for items not falling heavy on the pockets. One can buy items like clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, etc. Good bargaining skills are required for all. We caution you of overspending in this market as you would want everything once you start visiting this place.

Arvalem Waterfalls

Arvalem Waterfalls suit well to the every kick of nature lovers and beauty believers; others will also enjoy the pristine atmosphere. You will be amazed at first appearance as you witness a natural white fresh stream gushing down to fit the calm waters. You can also visit the Arvalem caves which are an ancient rock cut caves belief as a popular heritage spot adds to the delightful experience.

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort was built by the Portuguese people when Goa was ruled by them. This old fort was built as a marine landmark so that it becomes easy for entering ships to discover the Portuguese territory. It also served the very desire for which every fortress is build up that is keeping the attackers out.

Grande Island

Grande Island which is located a few kilometers away from the South Goa, Grande island is an ideal destination for scuba diving. Revealing deep into the azure world to discover underwater life untouched by outside happenings will be a crazy experience, exploring the beautiful marine life, witnessing the amazing shipwrecks are some interesting things.
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Complete Travel Guide For Your Goa Trip

It is true that Goa gets all the attention from those who are an adventure seeker. However, the first commonly visited destination in India is Goa. This is one of the most elegant pieces of adventures, which has stood among the most preferred destination among domestic as well international tourists. Goa is recognized as the party capital of India. If you are heading for a Goa Trip, you ought to visit each and every attraction as they are worth visiting. Explore the Complete Travel Guide to Goa.

Goa Attraction

Goa can be reached from any part of the country. You can find several buses, cabs, trains and other road transportations to reach Goa from any part of the country. Tourists usually visit Goa along with stunning beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and much more.

Things to do in Goa

Explore the stunning beaches

The beautiful ocean, the soft white sand beaches, coconut trees will give you the great memories for a lifetime. There is no better place to laze other than on the beaches in Goa. North Goa and South Goa both are capped with stunning beaches. The best season to visit the beaches of Goa is during the winter months from October to February and summer months from March to May. Beaches like Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Baga beach, Colva beach, Dona Paula beach, Calangute beach are some of the favorites among tourists. One can explore the beaches, various water sports and soak in the gazing sun during the visit.

Enjoy the jaw-dropping water activities

If you are an adventure seeker and love water activities, Goa is an ideal place to try it. Various kinds of adventure water activities like windsurfing, jet skiing, speed boat ride, banana boat rides, wakeboarding scuba diving in Goa can be explored. Calangute beach, Anujna beach, Baga beach, Grande Island offer you such kind of water activities.

Visit the luxurious Casinos

Gambling is no more a crime in Goa. Yes, Gambling is very familiar in Goa with both onshore and offshore casinos with few of them with international standard. Most of the onshore Casinos can be found on cruises docked in the Mandovi River. Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk and Deltin Caravella are the best among offshore casinos.

Go trekking at Dudhsagar waterfall

Dudhsagar is the fifth highest waterfall in India. It is a spot which is quiet, captivating as well as enthralling. It is located near the border of Goa and Karnataka, amidst the railway stations of Collem and Castle Rock. The railway bridge that passess forming a two-tiered visual treat, is of the best part that makes it bizarre.

Party at the clubs and pubs

Goa is popular for its vibrant and laid-back culture. During the daytime, while tourists relax and enjoy their afternoon, once the sun sets down, Goa is all about partying at the lavish clubs and pubs. Both North Goa and South Goa attracts tourists with its endless list of nightclubs that play latest DJ music mixed with the beats. Where North Goa boasts its boundless nightlife with superb clubs which includes Peacock Pub, Havana, Cavala, Shore Bars and Cafe Del Mar. It also boasts boundless list of party grounds like Joets, Mambo’s, and Tito’s where you can shake a leg and party till the teeny hours of morning.

Best time to visit Goa

Goa is live from sunrise to sunset. The best time to visit Goa is from the month of October to May. The best season for visiting Goa is winter or early summer. It is best to visit between the months of November to February. The climate will be amusing and the sky will be clear for convenient holidays. Mostly tourists opt to visit Goa during the Christmas holidays to witness the Goa at its best.
Hope, this blog will help you plan your Goa holidays. It is strongly recommended to book your Goa tour packages at an unbeatable price with Picnicwale.
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Goa, popularly called as party capital of India

Gleaming sands and azure waters with a shimmering sun is what comes to one's head as one thinks of Goa. It is better known as the party capital of India. It is known for its beaches, churches, sunburn festival and lot more.
Don't leave Goa before you visit the following places
You can find 25 and more amazing beaches in Goa. These beaches attract nature lover, adventure junkies, peace lovers and party animals. North Goa offers sprightly beaches like Baga, Calangute, Anjuna and Arambol. While South Goa have serene beaches like Colva, Palolem and Galgibaga.
Chapora Fort is an ancient Fort in North Goa. If you don't miss on Bollywood movies then you will definitely recall scenes from Dil Chahta Hai. As the movie scenes were shot here. It offers splendid views of the Vagator beach and overlooks the Arabian Sea from all angles.
Basilica de Bom Jesus in Goa: This church in Old Goa, extremely popular throughout the Roman Catholic world. The grand interiors will leave you awestruck the moment you enter.
Things to do in Goa
Diving, catamaran sailing, jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing keeps your heart racing as you test the waters and let out the adventurer in you.
Goa has several casinos. Try your luck in one of them. The casinos feature several games like slots, roulette, poker, flush baccarat and more along with live entertainment and occasionally unlimited food and drinks. Even if you’re not a big gambler, cruising on the high seas is a great way to relax.
Best food
There is n number of eateries along the side of beaches. Vindaloo, Crab Xex Xec and Bebinca are some of the Goan specials.
Vindaloo: They are made using chicken, pork, mutton or prawns. The fiercely spicy gravy is a hot favourite in Goan households.
Crab Xex Xec: Crab Xec Xec is made by cooking crabs in a thick gravy of tamarind, red chillies and coconut.
Bebinca: Bebinca is a pudding with 7 layers made of flour, eggs, sugar, coconut milk and cardamom-nutmeg powder. Don't forget to pack a few for your friends home.
Perfect time to go
Mid-November to Mid-February is the perfect time to relax on the beaches and for other outdoor activities in Goa. December is the time when Goa witnesses one of its most popular festivals, Sunburn, besides extensive Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Check out the following link for customized goa package.
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Goa Casinos - 10 best Goa casinos in Telugu with location and Package details Exploring Tourist Attractions Of Goa Part 1  Casino ... Casino Night In Goa  Deltin Royale Casino Full Tour  Goa ... Casino Pride Goa - YouTube First look into Goa's lavish new 'Big Daddy' Casino

The Pride Group also operates two small onshore casinos -- Casino Palms (at the La Calypso hotel in Baga) and Casino Paradise (at the Hotel Neo Majestic in Pororvim). However, these casinos are more suited to habitual gamblers than tourists. 01 of 09. Big Daddy Casino. Big Daddy Casino Big Daddy Casino, owned by Golden Globe Hotels, is Goa's newest offshore casino. It launched in May 2019 and ... Casino Palms, Baga. Tel: +91 832 6516666. Casino Palms is an in-house casino situated in Hotel La Calypso and managed by Neo Majestic. It is 24hrs open. Be present on the gaming table between 6am to 9am to get Rs.500 worth one time play coupon for every hour. Casino Pearl, Bogmalo. Tel: +91 832 6516666. Casino Pearl situated in Bogmallo Beach Resort at Bogmalo, South Goa. It is 24hrs open. Be ... The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino. Pedda Varca, Goa, Indien Gut 361 Bewertungen 199 US$ niedrigster Preis/Nacht. Omkar Guest House . Near Narayan Temple Khalchawada, Arambol, Indien Ausgezeichnet 65 Bewertungen 23 US$ niedrigster Preis/Nacht. Kiara Villa. Deoul Vaddo, Behind Kiara Bed-N-Breakfast, Vagator, Indien Gut 85 Bewertungen 16 US$ niedrigster Preis/Nacht. Chalet Saffron Goa ... The hotel casino in Goa is an exciting place which offers guests options between Electronic Roulette, Baccarat and Digital Blackjack as well as having 11 slot machines. Location: The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa, Raj, Baga, Canacona Timings: Open every day from 16:00 hours till 00:00 hours. Beste Baga Casino-Hotels: Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie 37 Bewertungen von Reisenden, 65 authentische Reisefotos und Top-Angebote für Baga casino-hotels. Casino Palms. Since Goa is the only state where gambling is legal, you might want to try your luck at one of the casinos and return with pockets full or pockets empty! Visit the casino by the Baga beach in North Goa – Casino Palms – housed inside the La Calypso Hotel. ... Location: Casino Palms is located at No.7/129-B,Saunta Vadoo, Calangute-Baga Road, Bardez, Baga, Goa 403516. Entry fee: The entry fee to the casino is Rs 1000 per person from ( All the days of the week) with unlimited food on buffet and unlimited non- alcoholic drinks while gaming at the table. Goa; Hotels mit Casino in Baga Aktuelle Seite Hotels mit Casino in Baga; Ihre Reise planen. Reiseführer für Baga Flüge nach Baga Events & Tickets in Baga Mietwagen in Baga Flug+Hotel-Angebote in Baga. Für Indien gelten aufgrund von COVID-19 möglicherweise Reiseeinschränkungen. Mehr erfahren Wird in einem neuen Reiter oder Fenster geöffnet Schließen Reisehinweis schließen. Hotels mit ... Casino Palms the most relaxing casino in Goa .It has gaming boards like Roulette, Blackjack, Mini-flush and Baccarat. There are several other machines for enthusiastic who like Slot Machines and Machine Poker.With plenty of beach games you can also pamper yourself with a beachfront La Shack that has a distinct appeal with its rustic décor resembling a typical shack and an open view of the ... Address: Casino Palms is situated at No.7/129-B, Saunta Vadoo, Calangute-Baga Road, Bardez, Baga, Goa 403516. #5 Deltin Jaqk. Another one of Deltin group’s popular casinos is the Deltin Jaqk casino. There are more than 350 gambling tables available at Deltin Jaqk. The goa casino market talks of complete luxury and style definitely are correct on this – one of the best casinos in Goa. There ...

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Goa Casinos - 10 best Goa casinos in Telugu with location and Package details

Exploring Tourist Attractions Of Goa Part 1 Casino, Baga Beach Life Is Beautiful #GoaTour #LifeIsBeautiful Also, Do Watch Exploring Tourist Attractions... Casino in Goa is very famous among Tourists, one can find many casinos floating on Mandovi River in Panjim. As you know I traveled Goa by Angriya Cruise, thi... The new Big Daddy Casino recently anchored in River Mandovi in Goa and here's a sneak peek into what you can expect from the stylish casino. More details: Video courtesy ... Goa Casinos - 10 best Goa casinos in Telugu with location and Package details List Here: 1. Deltine Riyal Casino 2. Casino Pearl 3. Casino Carnival 4. Deltine Jaqk 5. Casino Pride 6. Dunes - The ... Casino Pride Goa is on River Mandovi, is 24 hours Live gaming experience. We have all variety of live games. Visit us on also follow u...