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Kubrick apparently experienced directing the Apollo 11 scam as boring work. In the film, he therefor makes Jack play with a tennis ball, instead of attending to his creative (writing) work. By choosing King’s “The Shining”, Kubrick found exactly the right storyline to make his hidden confession about his involvement in the staged moon landing of Apollo 11. On top of that, the numerological “coincidences” are that the value of “Jack” is 7 (representing the control freaks), and the value of “Danny” is 22, meaning communication!
THE VEGAS CONNECTION AKA HOW TO PULL IT ALL OFF Once the decision to simulate all moon voyages was made, NASA and the Defense Intelligence Agency moved swftly. A code name was created : ASP (Apollo Simulation Project), and the effort was divided into the following tasks : 1. Secret top level organization and management 2. Intensive security, including counter-intelligence 3. Undercover procurement of personnel 4. Clandestine equipment design, manufacture, installation and operation 5. Coverup communications, including wiretaps and taping 6. Covert planning and special projects (Aerospace "plumbers")
SECRET TOP LEVEL ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT After all, as most aerospace insiders know, the Apollo project was actually a military mission to determine the feasibility of using the moon as a military base of operations against foreign powers. Furthermore, almost 75 per centof all NASA effort was basically military - not space! When the capability of controlling orbiting H-bombs became a reality, the moon became far less important to the Pentagon's planners. Who needs a moon base when it's possible to destroy any or all of the planet with bombs disguised as communications satellites that orbit the earth 24 hours a day, they reasoned. However, despite this diminishment of interest, the military was still strongly supportive of any activity that would enhance U.S. prestige worldwide. Thus, the DIA was structured to provide services to NASA, as shown in the chart. How these various departments or divisions functioned is described in the interpretive tabulation.
Although more than 300,000 persons were directly involved in the building of the atomic bomb (1942-45), no significant information whatsoever reached the public. Thus was established a viable precedent for ASP. The ASP managers could not only point to the Manhattan's success in secrecy, but could use their methods. After all, in an America which has been sliding towards a police state for years (wiretaps, no-knock, civilian surveillance), it was a relatively simple matter to apply these techniques of cloak and dagger to ASP. Rigidly tight security develops Itself a perfect position. Anyone can be excluded by the principle of "need to know". Since NASA has always been 75 per cent military and certainly ASP was in this catagory, preventing anyone high or low from seeing certain hardware, data or locations, was as easy as dropping a thick curtain.
Further, anyone who comprised a threat or knew too much could be taken care of In a number of interesting ways. And all of these measures were justified as being the protection of the national interests. One of the first security measures undertaken by the ASP Security Staff was the establishment of a base of operations.
It was the exciting appeal of a nearby resort city. Thus, it was no accident that the ASP base was located 32 miles east of Mercury, Nevada. The land surrounding the base has long been controlled by the U.S. Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission - a double threat to any Interlopers. In this view of the region it may be seen that any trespassers would show up instantly on the screens of the constantly-on TV monitors. Also, control of personnel through the few checkpoints could be accomplished with efficiency and dispatch.
The Mercury ASP base was desirable from a number of security-related standpoints: 1. Strange shipments could be delivered inside trucks marked with the dreaded "radiation" sign. 2. Staff could come and go via the heavily guarded airfield. An elaborate warning-wave-off radioradar protection system prevented any private planes from using the field except for dire emergencies. Even then, strangers were prevented from actually seeing anything of a compromising nature. 3. Odd noises, weird devices, excavations were permissible since no outsiders had visual or audio 4. Coded communications could be made by regular or incredibly high frequency microwave radio. 5. Tensions could be relieved by making the less-than-one-hour trip to Las Vegas, a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week, anything-goes resort boasting more than 30 large casinos. Last but far from least, a liason was established with the hidden rulers of Las Vegas, the crime organization chieftans. When needed, services could be exchanged on a mutually beneficial basis, Le., large sums of money for use of expert "button men". The Cosa Nostra staff presented no problems for ASP Security; they had centuries of practice in remaining silent. U.S.-Mafia criminal cooperation was hardly new. Mafia chieftans aided American troops. During the invasion of Sicily during WWII
Staffing ASP was not as difficult as it might appear to the layman. First, everyone has a price although sometimes the price is one's life. Notwithstanding diehards, recruiting of ASP people went swingingly. People love to know secrets and they also love to have lots of money to spend. ASP provided both. Salaries of $50,000 for minor technicians were not uncommon. We have deleted the pay of higher staff personnel out of sympathy for the taxpayer who might be reading this chapter. In addition to salaries, expense accounts for "rest and relaxation" were virtually unlimited. It is interesting to note that during the build-up of ASP facilities near Mercury, income for many of the Las Vegas casinos hit new highs. Three major categories of ASP personnel existed: 1. Top level management, including DIA and supplemental agency support. 2. Interface personnel, many on "need to know" basis. 3. The astronauts themselves.
Recruiting of the first two categories was done on a money first, patriotism second, basis. It was eminently successful. More descretion was required in obtaining the cooperation of astronauts. For these dedicated and brave men, the following arguments were used: A. The moon mission was tremendously important to the continuance of the United States as a (or THE) power in political, military, scientific and technical areas. B. Billions of dollars and several lives had been spent so far; to scratch the mission at this point (1983) would be disastrous to the administration from a public relations standpoint. NASA was in the same position as a Vegas gambler who is in too deep to quit. (NASA's self-interest was also a strong influence: it is a truism that all bureaucracies seek to expand or at least perpetuate themselves.) C. There would be no danger since the men would not exit the earth's gravitational field. D. Fame and fortune would be theirs, tarnished only slightly by the fact that the voyage would be illusionary. slide E. Intimations that refusal could bring reprisals ranging from demotion to in-flight "accidents". There was no need to remind the candidated of the eight astronauts who had died accidently during the early phases of Apollo slide NOTE: Thomas R. Baron, an employee of North American Aviation, Apollo's prime contractor, submitted a 500 page report on the inadequacies of the program following the fatal fire on Pad 34. Shortly thereafter, Baron was killed when his car apparently stalled in front of a locomotive. In addition to these cogent persuasions, the men approached had lifetime histories of obedience. All were or had been in the armed forces and were accustomed to accepting assignments regardless of risk or rather, in spite of risk. Most pilots are extroverted, game-playing individuals. Thus, it was a relatively simple matter to train the astronauts to play their respective roles in the high drama of ASP.
As with most machinery, strains may develop in humans under stress. The recent breakdown of Edwin A. Aldrin, the lunar module pilot, could be an indication of second thoughts. In summary, ASP recruitment was an unqualified success. That no information has been revealed to this day is not surprising. A CIA-sponsored group known as Air America is noted for its two distinct types of alumni: The silent and the silenced. SLIDE Once a base was established and security ineffect, the preparation of simulation equipment could begin. A complete set of the moon was built in an underground cavern at the ASP base. Every location that would be used for landings was created in exact detail. This elaborate sound stage was code named Copernicus, after one of the lunar craters. It soon earned the name "Cuss" because of problems in lighting and sound. In addition, scale models of the earth, sun, moon and other bodies were carefully built and mounted within a planetarium-like device so that they could be positioned and photographed with accuracy, repeatability and believability. The underground sound stage resembled those at a major Hollywood studio complete with overhead catwalks for lighting, camera dolly tracks and other basic filming and TV equipment. In addition, there was a plethora of special effects tools, including high intensity lighting to imitate the harsh glare of sunlight on the airless moonscape. All scenes of the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM)were filmed on this set with the astronauts as "stars". There were no more problems than would appear during the filming of "Star Trek", "2001, A Space Odyssey", or "Silent Running". After all, Hollywood grips and gaffers, cameramen and directors had acquired long experience in science fiction film production. A plus for the project was the advantage of filming silent. All voices and equipment sounds were dubbed in by an elaborate sound creation and dubbing studio immediately adjacent to the moon set. SPECIAL NOTE: In the film "Diamonds Are Forever", with Sean Connery playing the role of Agent 007 - James Bond, there is a curious and unexplained scene. He enters a secret research facility in the Nevada desert by ruse. Suddenly he finds himself in a large room in which there is an authentic moon landscape. Lumbering about in their clumsy space suits are two would-be astronauts. Nothing happens, the scene is not explained, and the viewer is left to ponder Its significance. Could it be...? Yes, it could! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJSvQ80p1ks
The term "hardware" became a standard term in the aerospace Industry for anything that was not stored in a file cabinet or recorded on tape. In short, it meant anything that was manufactured: from an Automatically controlled solenoid to an IDIOT (Intermediate Digital On-Line Transducer). From the date of the decision to simulate, a modified hardware program was conducted. For example, the Saturn C-5 moon rocket assembly was built to specifications with one major modification: instead of the totally unreliable F-l engines, five booster engines of the more dependable B-l type as used in the C-l cluster for the Atlas missile were used. Although a cluster of five B-l engines produced only one-half of the output of a single F-l chamber, the power (750,000 pounds thrust) was sufficient to launch the virtually empty Apollo vehicle. If the rocket had been in its designed form it would have weighed 6,000,000 pounds, or 3000 tons fully loaded. This is the weight of a U.S. naval destroyer, further pointing out the total impracticality of the venture.
However, by eliminating every apsect of the moon voyage - fuel, heavy engines, LEM vehicles, etc., the total weight of the modified, shortrange, simulated voyage Apollo was less than one-twentieth of the original, or about 150 tons. This loading was well within the capabilities of the B-l propulsion units. Also, since the originally planned two million parts were reduced to a mere 150,000 gadgets, the success of the limited mission was virtually assured. However, even C-l Atlas engines were known to explode on the pad or shortly following launch. Thus, the escape module for the astronauts was left intact and functioning. If there had been an accidental loss of thrust or other mishap, it would have been simple to have the "saved" astronauts merge from the escape module after its recovery.
Although the most critical element from the standpoint of press and public relations interface, simulated communications and printed data were technically the simplest to produce. 62 First, an agreement was obtained by DIA and ASP representatives working with and through the semisecret Council on Foreign Relations. This agreement being a reciprocal one that would ensure silence on any revelatory Apollo Information by major foreign powers. Russia was the only nation that had the,sophisticated tracking radar capable of foUowing Apollo and thus sabotaging the simulation. But Russia was planning extensive commercial exchange with the U.S. and intelligently recognized that they would gain no real advantage by destroying the U.S. myth . After all, their space program had always been ahead of ours and this fact was weU-established worldwide. Actually, there has never been a real problem between or among major nations where control of the masses has been a consideration, i.e., cold and hot wars to keep the masses occupied while they are being fleeced before slaughter. . The presentation of "on-scene" data was divided into these categories: 1. Visual presentations to the public or uncleared personnel. A. Launch B. Re-entry (although out of sight of carrier crews) 2. Radio transmissions during launch, trip to moon, exploration and return. 3. TV transmission from the moon. 4. Still pictures; black and white and color.
VISUAL PRESENTATIONS Hair-raising for the simulators but most convincing to the public were the launches. After all, if people could drive to the Cape, park and see an immense rocket lift itself off the pad, was this not the ultimate proof that a trip was, indeed, being made to the moon itself? The fact that once out of sight, the vehicle traveled a sub-orbital trajectory to the south polar sea (and jettisoned), did not diminish in any way the blazing glory of the launch to the moon. The return to the earth by the astronauts in their re-entry module was far less risky than the launch. This was true since it waseffected by dropping the module from a C-5A cargo plane. Just prior to this drop, they were picked up at a super-secret, well camouflaged island south of Hawaii. It is interesting to note that the module was always dropped out of sight of the carrier's crew. Had the simulators desired, it would have been possible to drop the module into the Pacific from a far-ranging nuclear submarine. However, the plan method was chosen since it required a smaller crew "in the know" and ease of security that evolves from a hidden air base (Tauramoto Archipelago.)
They are then flown back and sent to Las Vegas to party for two days then flown to the live set to do a taping of the moon landing with kubrick (why do this live?)
Was the Apollo project, real or otherwise, simply a gadget? Was it really one of the means that the controllers use to retain their control? I think the answer to that is yes. However, it was more than just a 30 billion dollar astrophysical toy; it was a replacement for a shooting war. As Shakespeare so wisely said, "Sweet are the uses of adversity." Although the Apollo project was adverse In the sense that it did little more than give employment to many people and advance certain sectors of science, it did allow the present warfare state to maintain the economy without killing a lot of people. In that repect, the Apollo was a "good" project. But viewed from the present day of $1 per loaf of bread and 50 cents a pound of sugar, It was really only a stopgap measure; one designed to maintain control for a few more years while the controUers worked on more lasting schemes . Apollo was a part of the economic disease that now threatens to create monetary havoc not only in the U.S., but worldwide. In that sense, it was genuinely adverse, but only for a limited time. It has been obvious to many that the American standard of living could not continue forever in the midst of abysmal poverty In many other parts of the world. Even though we have been able to live affluently in a wartime of quasi-wartime economy since about 1939, it was inevitable that one day we would no longer be able to borrow to support an unreal and profligate way of life. Ultimately, the pyramid-building phase (throwing money into unproductive projects) had to come to an end.
RADIO TRANSMISSIONS Of utmost simplicity, once installed and checked out, was the radio data transmitted "from" the moon vehicle. Secret, leased and well-secured telephone lines were connected to the antennae inputs of all space communications centers. These included the major tracking stations in Australia, Africa and the west coast of the United States. To accomodate amateur radio operators who might want to tune it, identical broadcasts were made from an orbiting satellite. So perfect were all of these simulations, that the momentary blackout when the module was supposed to be behind the moon was faithfully reproduced.
TELEVISION BROADCASTS Unquestionable the most interesting and entertaining for all concerned (simulators and fools alike) were the scenes of astronauts gamboling about the lunar set. In addition, these delightful frolics were really elementary exercises for the stage crews. After all, decades of special effects development for the motion picture industry preceded the need for this expertise . A curious anomaly occured with respect to this phase of the simulation. The set had to be photographed through filters and electronic "noise "had to be added to avoid a too-perfect picture. Otherwise these scenes would resemble too closely the action from "Star Trek" and other science fiction presentations. Even so, many viewers in bars and country clubs all over the U.S. suspected rather loudly that the scenes were a fake. Little of this reached the newspapers. Note in this montage of photographs of the astronauts "at work" on the moon that the simulation was simplicity itself. With a totally black space background, a rough but firm moon surface and the LEM featured prominently, the reasonably authentic lunar scene was well within the capabilities of motion picture set designers and special effects experts. The range marks lend an uncanny resemblance to reality - a tribute to the painstaking work of the simulators on an unlimited budget The simulators had a choice of several expensive earth models for their "blue-green-island-in-space" photos. Again, highly developed Hollywood techniques allowed many types of pictures to lie with great believability
PLANNING AND SPECIAL PROJECTS This department was charged with the overall responsibility for planning and direction of the simulation. They also undertook (an appropriate word) to cover up any errors of theirs or any other ASP group. It included such elements as: FAVORABLE PUBLICITY RELEASED THROUGH ALL MEDIA The astronauts and their families as viewed through a bottle of syrup. The success of various flights and tests, heavily colored. Advantages of space flight. Many articles were ghostwritten for such characters as Wernher von Braun and appeared in popularized science magazines. Diagrams of space trips. Photographs of lunar landing vehicles, space suits, food and drink, including a new radiator cleaning agent called Tang. Puffery for such over-fed NASA pontiffs as James E. Webb. . Another example of the work of the PASP Group. APPENDD( SCHEDULE AND CHRONOLOGY OF SIMULATED MOON FLIGHTS ITEM REMARKS CLIPPED TIMETABLE FROM EVERNOTE Once the Saturn was out of sight and until the capsule "returned", all evidence of the "flight" was in the form of electromagnetic wares. These, of course, are simple to simulate and transmit. Any or all of the four systems described below could have been employed. Others may have been used but these appear to be the most logical.
LEASED PHONE CONNECTIONS The basic system was provided by direct wire connections interspersed with microwave transmissions. All were basically Bell System communications on a CIA basis : no monitors, or total "hands off*' by the lessors. At the input were, of course, the synchronized tape decks that provided the complete moon landing simulation. It should be noted that these included the response and "recommendations" of Mission Control at Houston. In other words, these tapes were not just transmissions from the moon — they included all audio and the simulated video from the moon set. Thus, Mission Control at Houston and all other communicators were speaking into essentially dead mikes. Data sent into oscilloscopes, graphic recorders and TV screens showing data displays, computor recording banks, were all from this one master tape. Again, there could be no error since all events had been meticulously recorded even to the "boo-boos", jokes and seeming improvisations of the astronauts and their counterparts on earth. Experience for this masterful presentation was derived from decades of sound track effort for both motion pictures and TV presentations of science fiction adventures.
LOW FREQUENCY TRANSMITTERS Unknown to most Americans is the existence of an ultra-low frequency transmission station in a northwestern state. This facility is used to broadcast messages to submerged nuclear submarines. The radio waves sent by this station are so long they are lethal to humans if the latter are adjacent to the transmitter. This permits automatic security. Also, the receivers are of special design and few amateurs would even dream of receiving this type of broadcast. Therefore, ULF was used as a backup to the other methods of transmitting Apollo simulation data of all types . SATELLITE The most sophisticated method was microwave satellite to microwave. As a backup, a special satellite contained a tape unit that could be triggered by the ASP control station at Mercury. Thus, there was redundance to the redundancy Buzz Aldrin was a Manchurian candidate? Research into his nervous breakdown
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Happening in Indiana: August 14th - 20th

All my information comes from VisitIndiana so the list is not 100% comprehensive. If you know of anything that's missing, please post and share with everyone! If you've ever been to any of these events, or if you go this week, please share your experiences
Also be sure to visit the city-specific subreddits, as local happenings lists are starting to catch on, and they probably use different sources
This Week Only
Northwest Indiana
Third Saturday Stargazing at the National Lakeshore: August 19th at Kemil Beach. Join members of the Chicago Astronomical Society to get a closer look at the evening sky over Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Weather permitting, see star clusters, galaxies, nebulae, planets, meteors, and learn about constellation lore from the darkest site in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Held on the third Saturday of every month from Jan. to Dec. Times vary depending on the sunset, so check website for times.
Goodstock Music Festival Outdoor Music Event: 100-1130PM PM August 19th at Foster Park. The Mission Of The Music Festival Is To Raise Money For Mary T. Klinker Veterans Resource Center Who Help Homeless, Almost Homeless & Veterans In Need And They Service A 7 County Area. The 4th Annual festival will be taking place on August 19th, 2017 at Foster Park in Goodland, Indiana. The Festival will start at approximately 1:30 p.m. CST. with opening ceremonies. The Legendary Jack Russell’s Great White will be headlining the event.
Hamlet Rendezvous: August 19th-20th at Starke County Fairgrounds. This weekend celebration takes you back 150 years. Events include hawk/knife demonstrations, muzzle shooting, a tea, a fashion review, an iron skillet/rollin' pin toss, a carry-in supper, period music and a friendship fire or round robin
Yellowstone Trail Fest: August 19th-20th at Starke County Fairgrounds. Held in Hamlet, the Yellowstone Trail Fest celebrates the history of the Yellowstone Trail. The Yellowstone Trail was the first transcontinental automobile highway through the upper tier of states in the United States. It ran from Massachusetts to Seattle, and right through our town of Hamlet. The Yellowstone Trail Fest features multiple contests with cash prizes - Geocaching, Battle of the Bands, Zucchini and Metal Work Sculpture. In addition to these, join them for the 5k Rainbow Splash Run, local vendors, food and much more. The Hamlet Rendezvous, a historical re-enactment of local traders and life, is held in conjunction with the Yellowstone Trail Festival.
Lubeznik Art & Artisan Festival: 10AM-5PM August 19th-20th at Lubeznik Center for the Arts. Now in its 36th year, the mission of LAAF is to celebrate and foster the appreciation of a dynamic array of contemporary artists and artisans through the exhibition and sale of contemporary art in a festival setting. Enjoy artist activation, food, beer and wine. Free parking and shuttle service from Blue Chip Casino.
Pooch Apalooza Dog Fair: 9AM-4PM August 20th at Centennial Park. Free Admission - Drop in for a social event you and your friendly pooch are sure to enjoy. This event, dedicated to the dogs, will feature a variety of contests, demonstrations, dog-care tips and more. Concessions available.
Music Heritage Series at the National Lakeshore: 730-900PM August 18th at Indiana Dunes Visitor Center. Join in with the Save the Tunes Council as they perform traditional music associated with the sounds of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Tune up your vocal cords and gather for a sing-a-long.
North East Indiana
Shindigz National Soccer Festival: August 17th-19th at the Saint Francis University Field. The ShindigZ National Soccer Festival has evolved into a true festival including youth clinics put on by major universities, golf outings, a wide range of live entertainment, opportunities for youth involvement, food vendors, tailgating parties, giveaway prizes, and, for the 21 and older crowd, beer tents. ShindigZ National Soccer Festival is honored every year to bring in teams that are top ranked in the country. Due to the great history of the event, ShindigZ National Soccer Festival has been recognized nationally as the premier collegiate soccer event! For additional information, please visit the National Soccer Festival website at www.nationalsoccerfestival.com.
Zoo Brew & Wine Too: August 18th at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. Zoo Brew & Wine Too offers guests 21 and older the chance to sample delicious food, beer, and wine from over 40 local and regional establishments as they stroll through the zoo listening to music from local bands and enjoying the animals. Proceeds from this event support zoo operations, conservation, education, and animal care programs. VIP tickets are $150, and offer fewer lines with an early admission of 5 PM. Regular admission tickets are $75 for admission at 6 PM. For more information, please contact [email protected] or 260-427-6831. Tickets go on sale July 10 at Noon!
Central Indiana
Summer Concert Series in Bargersville: 7-10PM August 18th at the Town Hall. Come enjoy live music, food trucks, a fresh produce stand, and a beer and wine garden from 7 to 10 p.m., including Hazelwood String Band on Aug. 18.
Cumberland Arts Goes to Market: 9AM-4PM August 19th at Saturn Street at Cumberland Town Hall. A Celebration of Art & Community! 9th annual arts and crafts festival with Farmers Market. Unique items, amazing silent auction, superb entertainment including The Irish Airs and Silly Safaris, festival food and food trucks. Family friendly event. Free admission with free, close parking. Handicapped accessible. Located on Saturn Street, next to Cumberland Town Hall. It’s an easy walk to shop at booths and enjoy the festivities!
Wamm Fest: 10AM-8PM August 19th at Craig Park. This annual summer festival celebrates wine, art, music and microbrew. The musical lineup performs from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the gate.
Indiana State Fair: August 4th-20th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The Indiana State Fair continues to be the one event which brings families together to experience the best of Indiana! Entertainment, exhibits & food!
Neil Tobin, Necromancer: Near Death Experience: August 18th-27th at Phoenix Theatre Underground. Mortality and mystery — imagine them fused together into an intimate, interactive theatre experience that will make you laugh, ponder, and wonder. Just don't bring the kids. This is grown-up, dead-serious fun. Presented by Chicago-based playwright-performer, Neil Tobin, Necromancer as part of the IndyFringe theatre festival. Details at neardeathx.com.
PlayFit: 10AM-5PM August 19th at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Join us for an indoor fitness extravaganza! Celebrate healthy choices and active play with special activities. Free with general admission.
Aaron Kelly Performs Live At 6th Street Dive: 900-1130 August 18th at Sixth Street Dive Bar & Grill. From Illinois, Folk Singer songwriter Aaron Kelly performs his Lafayette, Indiana debut concert on Friday August 18th at 6th Street Dive, the hottest new restaurant and music venue in Tippecanoe County. About Aaron Kelly: The shadow cast by the city of big shoulders is a shade where a certain imagination gets ignited. Perhaps it’s all the train tracks that harken back to when Chicago was truly freight handler to the nation, sending catalog dreams speeding over steel to far off corners of the country. Aaron Kelly grew up thinking big and making plans, and wondering where those trains were going to. Falling under the influence of Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, and Jack Kerouac, his songs aren’t too dissimilar from those crates and packages of the last century. They carry the promise that something good is coming. These are songs meant to ease a burden and bring a smile, carefully crafted and made to last. Aaron has been featured by American Songwriter Magazine, and released Barefoot and Bottomed Out, his first solo album, in 2016, after zig-zagging across the country for the last 7 years with his band, Overman
Sizzlin' Summer Fest: 7AM-7PM August 19th at Tippecanoe County Amphitheater. Join us for the 2nd Annual Sizzlin Summer Fest! WHEN: Saturday, August 19th, 2017 WHERE: Tippecanoe Amphitheater (4449 State Road 43 N, West Lafayette) SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: 7:30AM-9:00AM REGISTRATION FOR 5K! 9:00AM BEGINS Paws For A Cause 5K brought to you by: Tito's Handmade Vodka and their Vodka for Dog People Program! All 5K Info & To Register: 5K Run/Walk Registration 1:00PM-5:00PM CABIKE SHOW 1:00PM-7:00PM FESTIVAL HOURS EVENTS INCLUDE: Live Entertainment (See line up below) Adult Beverages Car & Bike Show Local Vendors & Businesses Doggie Agility Playground Kids Area TICKETS ARE ONSALE NOW WITH ADVANCE PRICING: $10.00 Adults ($12 at the door) $8.00 Military, Police, Firefighters, EMT's $5.00 Children 12 and under. FREE 3 yrs and younger NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO RAIN CANCELLATION Entertainment By: Blue River Band Acoustic 1:00pm- 2:00pm Cornfield Mafia Acoustic 2:30pm-3:30pm Christine Nicole Acoustic 4:00pm-5:00pm Troy Cartwright 5:30pm- 7:00pm
Guided Tours at the Haan Museum: August 19th and 20th at the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art. Take a Guided Tour and explore an extraordinary collection of Indiana art including paintings, ceramics, bronze and stone sculptures, and an array of American furniture and antiques all housed within a mansion that served as the Connecticut Building from the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.
35th Annual Traditional Pow-wow: August 19th-20th at Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds. Native American singing, dancing, Red Road specials, and food. Open at 10 am., Grand Entry 1pm & 6:30pm on Sat., Open at 10:30 am, Grand Entry 1pm Sun
Link Observatory Public Program: 700-1130PM August 19th at Mooresville Public Library and Link Observatory. Bring the family to explore the universe with the Indiana Astronomical Society and the Goethe Link Observatory, owned by Indiana University. Each program includes an exciting multimedia presentation on NASA missions and space exploration. Presentations take place in the Community Room at the Mooresville Public Library. After the presentation, free shuttles are provided to the Observatory for telescope viewing (weather permitting). Choose from either the 7:00 pm or the 9:00 pm presentation, then ride the shuttle bus to the historic Link Observatory just south of Mooresville. No registration is required for this free program and presentations are suitable for all ages. Presentations are handicapped accessible, but accessing the Observatory's main telescope does require climbing stairs. There are often smaller telescopes available for viewing on the lawn.
Redkey Gas Boom Days: August 19th-20th at Downtown Redkey. Chili Cook off, Historic Demonstrations, Arts & Crafts, Antiques, food & more. Information: Rhonda, [email protected]
Rushville's Riverside Park Amphitheater Concert Series: 7PM August 19th at Riverside Park Amphitheater. Come watch great live music under the stars at Rushville's Riverside Park. An affordable and relaxing time awaits you and your family. Bring your own chairs and enjoy our beautiful park, food from local vendors, and a beer garden. Check the schedule of events and mark your calendar today! Summer 2017 Shows: Aug 19th- Blizzard of Ozzy- Ozzy Osborne Tribute.
Winding Creek Bluegrass Festival: August 17th-20th at Wildcat Valley. Bluegrass in the woods! Enjoy America's best bluegrass bands, music workshops, vendor booths, free camping & more. Bring lawn chairs. Visit website for list of bands & full schedule!
Wine & Pottery Painting with Kiln Creations: 6-8PM August 17th at Hopwood Cellars Winery. Paint your very own wine cooler while drinking some wine! ;) $30 per person Price includes all supplies, instruction, glazing & firing and delivery to the winery within 7-10 days. ​ Sign up here: http://www.kilncreations.net/
Southern Indiana
Joe Schmoe Saves the World: 730-1000 August 16th-19th at the Wells-Metz Theatre. IU Summer Theatre presents a premiere musical: Joe Schmoe Saves the World! A dance-rock musical that takes place during the Arab Spring in Iran and tells the parallel stories of an indie rock duo in America and two Iranian students in Tehran. Reacting against conformity, fear and the status quo, the two young women at the center of the story risk everything in an attempt to change the world through their art. Tickets are available at the Indiana University Auditorium box office or at theatre.indiana.edu
Greensburg Power of the Past: August 17th-20th at the Decatur County Fairgrounds. Annual machinery show. Featured tractor is the John Deere. Festivities include Flea markets, food booths, kids games, toy show, fiddle contest, steam engines, entertainment and more!
Madison Ribberfest BBQ & Blues: August 18th-19th at Bicentennial Park. Nine great blues performers rock the stage non-stop at this 2 day event. Sixty professional barbeque teams from around the country compete in the Indiana State Championship Barbeque Cook-Off for cash/prizes and a chance to represent Indiana at the Kansas City Barbeque Society’s world championship. On Friday night, there’s a Backyard Blast cooking competition for amateurs and a Kid’s Q for the youngsters on Saturday. Riverboat cruises on the Queen City paddle wheeler, a 5K RibberRun/Ride, the Pig Toss Corn Hole Tournament and the “Piglet Pen” children’s play area, round out the offerings for a great family weekend.
Rising Sun's Music on Main & Cruise-in: 6-8PM August 18th at Main and Front Streets. Join us in Rising Sun along the Ohio River waterfront for a free cruise-in and concert presented by Rising Sun Main Street. The event is FREE and open to the public! Music and a Cruise-in begins at 6 p.m. and lasts until 8 p.m. Any classic car, truck, motorcycle, or vehicle is invited to participate free of charge. Information on bands with be posted to the Rising Sun Main Street and Rising Sun/Ohio County Tourism Facebook and website pages when announced. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs or blankets. In case of inclement weather, the event moves to Heritage Hall on Main Street in downtown Rising Sun. For more information on Music on Main, contact Karrah at Rising Sun Main Street at (812) 438-2750. The event moves to Heritage Hall on Main Street in case of inclement weather. Information on lodging, eateries, events, and tourism attractions is available by calling (888) 776-4786
Inaugural Ohio County 4-H Rodeo: 7-10PM August 18th at Ohio County 4H Fairgrounds. It's the inaugural Ohio County 4-H Rodeo in Rising Sun, IN. Jackpot bulls, barrel racing, bull rides, sheep and steer riding. Novice and amateurs welcome. Sign-ups for sheep riding, steer riding and novice bulls is available by calling (513) 317-8725. Buckle and cash prizes to winners. Protective gear provided. Rodeo admission is $10 per person with ages 5 and under for free. Additional fee for riding. Produced by Fox Hollow Rodeo.
Rock the World Christian Music Fest: August 19th at Holiday World & Splashin Safari. For years, you’ve asked us to serve up Skillet at Rock the World – 2017 is the year! Additional main-stage performers are Hawk Nelson, Ryan Stevenson and Hollyn!
Northwest Indiana
Chesterton's European Market: Every Saturday from 10AM - 2PM until October 28th on Third Street and Broadway in Downtown Chesterton. An outdoor family/artisanal market
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged: Fridays-Sundays in August at the Center Stage Theater. An hysterical romp through 38 Shakespeare shows by 3 actors in just 97 minutes!
Pav's Summer Car Nites - Every Tuesday evening through the summer. Variety of rides, good food and music at Pav's Restaurant
Suzy's Diner Cruise Night - Every Wednesday, April to October, 4-8 p.m at Suzy's Diner. Enjoy cool cars, music and a special discount at the diner
Sunday Market in the Park: 8AM-2PM every Sunday through October at Centennial Park Clubhouse. Produce, plants, home-made jams and jellies, baked goods, cheese, food vendors, drinks, local crafts and artwork, jewelry, clothing, bath and beauty products, direct sales businesses and more! Live Music every other week beginning May 14
Mayor's Month of Music: 7-10PM Fridays in August at River Park Square. Mayor's Month of Music is held in historic downtown Plymouth at River Park Square. This beautiful venue provides a wonderful area to enjoy an evening of music. Pack a cooler of your favorite beverages, grab some dinner from one of Plymouth's downtown restaurants, a lawn chair and you will be all set for an awesome evening. Concessions are available on site. This is a family-friendly event. There is no admission charge for the concerts.
Portage Cruise-in: Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer. Variety of rides, good food and music at Woodland Park
Portage Community Market: 11AM-3PM every Sunday until September 11th at Founders Square Park. More than 30 vendors will participate in the Portage Community Market. There will be locally grown produce, flowers, popcorn, honey, bread, barbecue, handmade crafts and much more.
Portage Summer Music in the Park: Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer. All concerts will be held indoors at either Sycamore Hall or Oakwood Grand Hall in Woodland Park. Featuring Music ranges from 40s to 50s, rock & roll, swing, blues, contemporary and all featuring local talent.
Summer Rhapsody Music Festival: Thursday nights until August 31 at The Porter Health Amphitheatre in Central Park Plaza. For all of the music lovers out there, come out and enjoy the sounds of the season with the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival. This concert showcase features many artists – each with their own unique style and sound. Select Thursday nights in the summer, concertgoers of all ages will enjoy a feast of different sounds underneath the beautiful night sky at The Porter Health Amphitheater in Central Park Plaza. Whether it’s a rock n’ roll band of yesteryear, an easy-going Motown group, or the elegant sounds that only a symphony orchestra can create, there’s something for everybody at this music festival. Bring your picnic, your blanket or chairs, and of course, your music-loving family and friends, and come relax in the park with the sounds of the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival.
Valparaiso Market: Every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the summer from 11AM-1PM. Fresh produce, handmade crafts, flowers, and live entertainment.
Taltree Railway Garden: Open from April 1st through October 31st. Featuring dwarf plants and model steam engine trains, the exhibit showcases the impact steam engine trains had on early 19th century U.S. railroads
South Point Cruise-In: 6-9PM Fridays June-August at the Harley-Davidson of Valparaiso. Live music featuring classic rock, country, oldies and more, beer garden, food, cars and bikes
North East Indiana
You Had Me at Merlot Walking Wine Barrel Art Tour: All summer in Downtown Auburn. Walk the beautiful tree lined streets of Historic Downtown Auburn and enjoy 20 Wooden Wine Barrels transformed into unique works of art by local and regional artists. This outdoor walking tour exhibit is juried with awards and art auction held each year at the end of summer. This annual exhibit has included many different art objects over the past eight years, from giant paintings on easels to garden benches. This year's exhibit celebrates the many wineries of this area with its wooden wine barrels. Walking Tour maps are available at no cost in most downtown businesses
First Fridays Downtown Auburn: 5-8PM the first Friday of every month at Downtown Auburn. Enjoy Auburn downtown on Friday Nights! Fun for families and grown ups... And those in-between! Late Night Shopping, Live Entertainment, Local Culinary Delights, Locally Crafted Beverages & Much Much More! Sponsored by ADAC Inc., there will be fun & entertainment every 1st Friday of the month in AUBURN!
Rock the Plaza: Free concert series put on by the Allen County Public Library each Saturday evening throughout the summer
Essenhaus Classic Car Cruise-In: Every Thursday throughout summer at Grounds of Das Dutchman Essenhaus. A weekly classic car cruise-in with no participation or entry fee. Participants will also enjoy door prize giveaways, coupons for shopping and dining as well as 50’s-style music. Most evenings, hand dipped ice cream and live entertainment will be provided.
Plain & Fancy: May 24th - October 14th at the Amish Acres Round Barn Theatre. A New Yorker and his sophisticated girlfriend drive down around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to sell a piece of property. Here they meet Amish folk, whose convoluted English speech, clothes and habits haven't changed for centuries. The clash of cultures educates and entertains at the same time in this quaint musical comedy. It was the first Broadway show for both composer Albert Hague and author Joseph Stein who each went on, respectively, to win Tony awards for Redhead and Fiddler On The Roof. The Round Barn Theatre has become the national home of this 1955 Broadway hit. This 2017 production marks the 31st anniversary year that The Round Barn Theatre has produced Plain and Fancy making it one of the longest running shows of all time
Midwest's Largest Flea Market: 8AM-5PM every Tuesday and Wednesday until October. Same venue as the Shipshewana Auction
Shipshewana Trading Place Auction: 9AM every Wednesday all year. This auction features up to 10 auctioneers selling a variety of antiques and misc. items beginning with the auction bell at 9 am. Visitors tell us there is no other experience quite like it. With a variety of food choices on site, including our Auction Restaurant, featuring Amish home-style cooking and the best pie in town, you can easily spend the entire day shopping, relaxing and enjoying the sights & sounds without having to leave our grounds.
The Home Game: A Musical: July 13th - October 19th at the Blue Gate Theatre. A son's journey, a father's hope. For as long as he can remember, handsome LEVI TROYER has loved playing baseball. He daydreams about playing in the major leagues, but with his father's expectations that he remain on the farm, he manages to keep most of his dreaming in check. All of that changes when a sports talent scout happens into town one day and catches sight of Levi's amazing fast ball. Impressed with both his pitching and batting skills, the talent scout offers Levi a deal he can't refuse. With the decision fully Levi's, how will he choose between his father's wishes of an Amish life and his own deepest dreams? What will it cost him? Levi's journey is one you won't soon forget in Blue Gate's newest musical, THE HOME GAME - A Son's Journey, A Father's Hope.
Mennonite Girls Can Cook The Musical: July 25th - October 20th at the Blue Gate Theatre. Now from Blue Gate Musicals: something completely different. Mennonite Girls Can Cook!Watch the excitement, confusion, and just plain frantic fun when a small town cable cooking show, hosted by two Mennonite women, attracts the attention of a Hollywood producer. This idea recipe for hilarity will make you laugh your spatulas off as these lovely ladies gear up for the "Big Time" - and do their best to deal with their starstruck neighbors, who compete for their own fifteen minutes of fame
Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show: 6:30-7:30PM every Sunday and Tuesday at Hidden Lake. The shows are a themed production including music and costumes with an announcer to guide you through the action. You will see Extreme jump acts, An all girl Ballet line, Barefoot water skiing, Swivel skiing, doubles routines and human pyramids just to name a few. The show last about 1 hour followed by a meet and greet with the skiers. The Lake City Skiers have been providing fun family entertainment since 1989 and are Indiana's only competitive show ski team holding 4 National Championships in 2006, 2007, 2014, and 2016.
Central Indiana
Fayette County Farmers' Market: Saturdays 9AM-12PM until October 7th. Local vendors from Fayette and surrounding counties offer farm fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, baked goods, herbs, plant stock and seeds, high quality crafts including paintings, pottery, sculptures, alpaca fiber items, goat milk soaps, jewelry, photography and so much more. Local artists, performers, and musicians highlighted as regularly scheduled entertainment. Now accepting SNAP/EBT, SenioWIC Farmers' Market Vouchers, several vendors accept debit/credit cards.
Kroger Symphony on the Prairie: Every weekend at Conner Prairie. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's summer series provides music from classical, pop, and rock genres from mid-June through Labor Day weekend.
Saxony Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays at Saxony Market. SAXONY MARKET is proud to provide a home for some of Central Indiana’s finest local vendors selling these fine products: fresh produce, Indiana sweet corn, homemade baked goods, floral and gardening supplies, savory herbs, crafted jewelry, authentic home cooked cuisine, sweet treats, handmade bath products and much more!
Groovin' In The Garden: 2-5PM every Saturday until September 30th at the Easley Winery. We offer daily wine specials, cool tunes from the best musical acts of the greater Indianapolis area, and an experience you won't soon forget. Feel free to bring along your favorite foods or order from local restaurants to have delivered here to the winery, and don't forget to bring a chair!
Banksy Art on Display in Kokomo: August 4th - September 15th at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library. See a unique piece of Banksy art on display in Kokomo. Library reps speculate Kokomo just might be the first library in the world to host an actual piece of art by Banksy. Other libraries, they say, have hosted displays with posters or prints of his work, but Kokomo will have the real deal on display. The piece is called “Haight Street Rat.” It was created in San Francisco on the side of a bed and breakfast. Art collector Brian Greif paid the building owner for the rights to tear down the wall and claim the piece. The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library has planned several events related to the piece of art, starting with the unveiling from 5:30 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 4 at the main branch downtown. The art will be on display through September 15, 2017 during the library's regular hours
First Friday Kokomo: 530-900PM the first Friday of every month at Downtown Kokomo. Free, family-friendly arts-based event held the First Friday of every month in Downtown Kokomo from 5:30-9:00 p.m., January-December. Activities include art, music, food, local vendors, shops, entertainment, kid's activities & much more! Check website for monthly themes and schedule of activities.
EXHIBIT: The Many Faces of Indiana Art: 1-4PM August 4th - October 28th at the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art. This is a juried exhibition designed to examine, challenge, educate, and enrich the viewer's definition of art. The exhibition features a wide range of works in many forms by over 20 Indiana artists. Paintings, glass, photography, woodcarving, metal working, jewelry, and textiles are just a few of the many art forms being showcased in the exhibition.
Southern Indiana
Bloomington Community Farmers' Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays at Showers Common.
The Music Man: July 12th - August 20th at the Derby Dinner Playhouse. Family entertainment at its best! This romantic and touching Broadway musical features a nostalgic score, rousing dance numbers, and is a grand tribute to the simplicity and optimism of Smalltown, USA. A classic story to be shared with every generation. Ticket price includes dinner, show, tax, & parking. Located just minutes from downtown Louisville, KY.
Elephant Retreat and Giraffe Encounter at Wilstem Ranch: All summer long. An African elephant herd of three girls will be retreating at Wilstem Ranch, only 7 miles from French Lick. The three elephants that retreat at Wilstem Ranch each year are retired from making appearances in parades, circus acts and more. But as they age, even elephants need retreats, and they're coming to town for a vacation! This one of a kind up-close encounter is a rare and wonderful opportunity to learn more about these amazing creatures and connect with them in a tranquil environment
Newburgh Farmers Market: Saturdays 8AM-12PM through September 30th. At the Newburgh Farmer’s Market you will find the very best seasonal produce complemented by products like honey, grass fed meats, dairy products, flowers, cheese, breads, and pastries. There are also crafts, art, plants, flowers, & honey along with live music to complete the festival atmosphere. Free. Special event weekends include: Kids Day and Dog Days of Summer.
Orange County HomeGrown Orleans Farmer's Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays through October 28th at Orleans Congress Square. Locally grown produce, baked goods, local handcrafted items, Buck-a-Book trailer, jammer tent, Master Gardener, and fun family activities. Sponsored by Orange County HomeGrown
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